Learn from the best competitive enablement experts and practitioners.

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May 25, 2023

About this Summit

Competitive intelligence & enablement is arguably the new ‘product marketing.’ It’s at the center of marketing, sales, product, revenue enablement, and just about every other go-to-market team–but, just like when product marketing was emerging–misunderstood as a function and underserved as a community.

Let’s face it, there is no more blue ocean. Every deal in your business–regardless of industry, market segment, product or service offering, and geography–is competitive. If not directly against named competitors, against your buyers’ status quo. 

Competitive intelligence & enablement has long been a part of many peoples’ jobs. Whether you’re a product marketer, sales rep, product manager, or executive, we’re all competing to win. Your livelihood requires it. 

Yet, nobody is creating a venue for you to learn how, from the best. Until now. The Compete To Win™ Summit brings together the best minds, vendors, and practices in competitive intelligence & sales enablement in one accessible, virtual conference. 

Whether you’re starting a competitive intelligence program from scratch, trying to stay ahead of competitors as you scale your business, curious how your competitive playbook compares to the best of the best, or wanting to optimize your competitive strategies as a seasoned practitioner, this Summit will help.

Hosted by Justin Topliff

Justin Topliff heads Market & Competitive Intelligence at Highspot, Seattle’s latest $3.5B unicorn. A product marketer by trade, he got into competitive intelligence the same way he got into product marketing…by accident. Sure, competitive intelligence is a part of any product marketer’s job. But when analysts name your category a “must have,” billions of dollars in investment flies into your space, and hundreds of new competitors follow the money…priorities change. And that’s what happened at Highspot.


Shortly after joining Highspot as their 2nd product marketer, Justin found himself focused full-time on all things ‘compete,’–working with executives on competitive strategies, fighting in the trenches with sales reps to win competitive deals, scrambling to outmaneuver changes in market & competitor dynamics–all the while, wishing there were resources and a community of CI professionals to learn from.


This Summit is the genesis of both.


*Note: Justin Topliff is hosting this Summit independently. This is not a Highspot event.


The inaugural Summit is May 25, 2023.

This event is entirely virtual, meaning it’s held online. We plan future events to be entirely virtual as well.

While there are other competitive intelligence-related summits out there, ours is better for a few reasons.

First, we’re selective. Our attendees deserve the best. This goes for speakers, sponsors, and everything else. If we’re interested, we swipe right — if we’re not, we swipe left. Other conferences, alliances, and summits favor dollars (while claiming ‘equal opportunity’ or neutral ‘non-endorsement’ policies) and in doing so, ‘sell out’ their attendees. Nah, not here.

Second, we don’t price gouge. Some orgs make your purchase conference passes >$500 or member packages >$2,000 for access to content. One of our core tenants is democratizing knowledge. ‘Accessible’ means not having to sell your kidneys for access.

Third, you get lifetime access to content. Some orgs don’t record their workshops or conferences at all. We’ve all seen Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve…90% of what you learn is forgotten within the first month. ‘Nuff said.

Speakers will be announced on a rolling basis, as they’re secured.

Yes! Our Call For Speakers is open. Please email justin@competetowin.com if you’re interested.

Let’s get in touch! Please email justin@competetowin.com.

Speaker Lineup

The Speakers

Justin Topliff

Head of Market & Competitive Intelligence, Highspot

jason smith ceo klue

Jason Smith

CEO, Klue

ryan sorley

Ryan Sorley

VP of Win-Loss @ Klue & Founder and CEO @ DoubleCheck Research

clara smyth

Clara Smyth

Director, Competitive Enablement Services

headshot federico jorge

Federico Jorge

Founder, Stack Against

dan hamilton, salesforce

Dan Hamilton

VP of Competitive Intelligence, Salesforce

headshot jarod greene

Jarod Greene

VP of Product Marketing, Highspot

nick siddoway primary intelligence

Nick Siddoway

President & CRO, Primary Intelligence

headshot julian rogers

Julian Rogers

Director of Market Strategy, Salesforce

ashleigh eisinger

Ashleigh Eisinger

Competitive Intelligence Manager, FloQast